You already know that a large percentage of most doctors’ revenue comes from insurance reimbursements.  But many people don’t realize that the process of filing insurance claims is cumbersome, time consuming and energy-draining . It can take 60-120 days to receive payments!

Statim Medical Billing can help you with your electronic billing needs!

  •  We specializes in electronic billing.
  • We will be able to set you up quickly and with no hassles.

With electronic billing you will see payments arriving 10 to 15 days after the electronic submission!

Statim Medical Billing submits claims electronically for faster payment turnaround time. Typically, 35 percent of paper claims are rejected due to errors, which is not the case with electronic claims. Statim Medical Billing’s  electronic medical billing services can submit claims to all leading insurance services instantly.  The claims go through an intense audit process to filter errors, reduce rejections, and encourage prompt payment.  Claims returned by insurance service providers do not need to undergo delayed re-processing. We at Statim Medical billing  are claims recovery experts and will  analyze the rejected claims and prepares them for resubmission.

If you need help setting your practice up with electronic billing please give us a call  at 732-693-7029.

Do you need an accurate and efficient payment posting process for your office?

We offer a powerful automatic payment posting engine, a streamlined manual posting process, and other features to help you manage your payments and collections.

  • Statim Medical Billing submits claims electronically for faster payment turnaround time!
We offer several different services!
  • Electronic and Manual Medical Claims Filing
  • Patient Billing
  • Claims Posting
  • Collection Services
  • Online Logon to Billing System
  • Follow Up on Claims Submitted
  • Credentialing and Re-Credentialing


Imagine having all of the collectible money that is still sitting in your over 60+ day old report sitting in your bank account instead!

Imagine doing this without any disruption to your current medical billing process.  Well, this is all possible with Statim Medical Billing Denial Management and Old AR Recovery service. With this service, we focus exclusively on your $$ over 60 days old.

Most practices have significant money tied up in their 60+ day AR. We can capture these funds for you without any changes to the rest of your current process. Our Denial Management and Old AR Recovery Services provide several benefits:

  1. Puts the money that is tied up in your old AR into your bank account;
  2. Provides an expert, on-going review of your current billing outcomes including your coding, adjustments, payment posting and follow-up techniques;

This Denial Management and Old AR Recovery service does not require any changes in your current process, no new technology, and no system changes. We work on your system.

Contact us today to learn how we can significantly improve your denial management and collect on your old AR. To learn more about how Statim Medical Billing Denial Management and Old AR Recovery Services can help your practice please call us today 732-693-7029!