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Statim Medical Billing can help you with all of your billing needs.  Statim Medical Billing is a medical reimbursement consulting firm dedicated to serving the medical community. We at Statim Medical Billing strive to perform your medical billing as quickly as possible with exceptional accuracy.  This in turn will increase your revenue.  Our services will relieve your medical staff of the headaches of insurance claims submissions.

Jeanne Crawford, the President of Statim Medical Billing, has over 15 years’ experience in the accounting field with in-depth knowledge of medical billing procedures, office procedures, insurance claims, and good communication skills both verbally and written.  My computer knowledge is vast and extensive.
We are built on a clear and simple philosophy.  Treat our clients with professionalism and provide them with outstanding service.  Statim Medical Billing is here to get our clients the best return on their money every day. Our services will relieve medical professionals of back office work which will free them up for more critical tasks.  The nurses and medical assistants can concentrate on the patients like it should be. Our Job is clear and precise.  We want to obtain the maximum amount of revenue for each of our clients.

Doctors currently spend between $8-10 per claim.  This number includes all overhead expenses incurred in an office to produce that claim. Statim Medical billing will lower that by at least 50%.  To resubmit a rejected claim could cost a doctor’s office $57.46! This also includes overhead costs. We at Statim Medical Billing have the knowledge and ability to lower our client’s administrative costs by offering expert billing services.